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Jaraain joined Richinbah

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Jaraain joined Richinbah  Empty Jaraain joined Richinbah

Post by Catsworld Sun Oct 21, 2012 1:23 pm

Last week my beautiful princess Jaraain has joined Richinbah Very Happy

She was meant to fly with two of her brothers over here to Switzerland, however, those youngsters flew much faster than my princess and arrived a couple of days before her, they were very noisy dragons, asking all the time
"when are we going to the jeweller, our new home?" they did not even look at my I grabbed them by their wings and took them to the jeweller where they were supposed to live, they looked very happy and I have not heard from them since...

so a few days later my princess arrived, all on her own...she looked shy and quite sad to me, not even my lovely Richinbah could make her smile, I did not know what to do and became quite sad too...

Today I offered her some of my chocolates, and I never offer MY chocolates to anyone, never!
She then told me the story why she was so sad, in all the hustle and bustle she had become separated from her dragon egg, I did not know that she had already been a breeding queen... so now we have to find her egg to make her happy again,
hopefully Sita is able to help us and find Jaraain's egg, in the meantime I told my princess that the egg is safe and in a kind of dragon incubator..... Very Happy

She is a beauty, isn't she?

Jaraain joined Richinbah  Img_5318

Jaraain joined Richinbah  Img_5319
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Jaraain joined Richinbah  Empty Re: Jaraain joined Richinbah

Post by Beadgirl Sun Oct 21, 2012 1:28 pm

Another great dragon for your collection Smile Lovely pictures too
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Jaraain joined Richinbah  Empty Re: Jaraain joined Richinbah

Post by Trollperle Sun Oct 21, 2012 1:32 pm

A very lovely Dragon Queen and I am sure her egg is safe and will shortly be with her, again Love

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Jaraain joined Richinbah  Empty Re: Jaraain joined Richinbah

Post by Smaug Sun Oct 21, 2012 2:36 pm

Uh oh, now where did she hide her egg. I knew she was up to something... Jaraain joined Richinbah  23e18781

Relieved though that Jaraain made it safely to you. The Mountains can be a treacherous barrier to pass for a young princess... and it may have been for the best she left her egg, though unintendedly, in the incubator. She looks unaffected by her long journey and beautiful as ever.

Guess the youngster were quite taken with their new lairs filled with 'spoils' Wink


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