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Purple leather please

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Purple leather please  - Page 2 Empty Re: Purple leather please

Post by Bowerbird Sat Jan 21, 2012 1:07 pm

SilverBells wrote:
Bowerbird wrote:They're actually under "bracelets" in the "chains" section – yes, perhaps a little confusing.

thank you Bowerbird but silly me, Embarassed I should have worded it differently - what I meant to say was how does everyone find wearing them? Are they comfortable to wear and easy to put the beads on? flower

LOL, SilverBells! I see what you mean! Embarassed I have the blue leather, which I love with the kimono set.

I think small silvers work really well on these bracelets, and that less is more (number of beads, that is). They are comfortable to wear, although they do tend to work their way back up your arm, rather than falling down towards your hand like the chain bracelets. I like the look of mine right up near my hand, so I find I'm always pulling it up and adjusting it (but then to be honest, I'd probably be fiddling with it while I admired it anyway Laughing )

You have to spend a bit of time arranging the position of the beads when you put it on, because the band goes around your wrist twice, so even if you threaded them on in a certain order, they'll end up next to different beads on another strand when the double lines are doubled again (again, to be totally honest, I'd be fiddling with it anyway Laughing )

The beads go on easily enough, although there's some resistance with the core of the glass beads and the silvers will be loose, so the glass will stay in place, and hold the silvers, which will move around. I wonder over time how the leather will wear and if it will get a little rubbed and ragged on the edges. We shall see.

The only other thing is that I find it more difficult to put on, although it's become easier with practice. The big end of the lock is hard to thread through the punched leather with one hand, while you try to hold that leather end still enough. Sometimes I still need help.

Just my opinion! But I do like it very much, it's great for a casual look.

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Purple leather please  - Page 2 Empty Re: Purple leather please

Post by Pandabee(uk) Sat Jan 21, 2012 1:30 pm

Someone on TGF told me to use these under your beads, as it stops them from moving around.

Purple leather please  - Page 2 Hair_b10

It works, just put the hair band where you want the bead to stay and roll it over the top, you can't even see them.

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